Adrenaline Diesel are heavy-duty repair experts in Edmonton, Alberta

Started in November 2011 by Marty Pederson, Adrenaline Diesel started as a small 2 bay shop specializing in high quality work and prompt customer service. With his many years of experience, his unparalleled diagnostic abilities, and his innate ability to resolve what others couldn't, Marty has grown a culture of doing it right. Today, Adrenaline Diesel is a bustling shop of 7 bays with 2 shifts to keep your downtime limited and get you back on the road, making money.

Mechanical pros from A-Z

Adrenaline Diesel performs a wide variety of services from the simplest oil changes to engine swaps, overhauls, and modified engine work.

We always put our customers first and strive to give you the best experience possible. We are well-known throughout the trucking industry.

Excellent word-of-mouth has grown our customer base so that we now accommodate individuals and companies from across the country.

Marty Pederson

Owner & President, Red Seal Heavy Equipment Technician, Red Seal Automotive Technician

Marty has more than 20 years’ experience as a heavy duty mechanic. Not only does he hold his Red Seal HET ticket, but he is also a Red Seal Automotive mechanic. His career has spanned many of the large North American dealerships before owning Redline Diesel, and finally, Adrenaline Diesel. Marty is also the resident Tuning Guru. His reputation for high quality, problem free, and mostly remote tuning has earned him a customer base that spans North America and beyond.

Linda Pederson

Chief Operating Officer

Linda has more than 20 years of business management experience and has shared her time in accounting, human resources, recruitment, supply chain management, sales, sales management, inventory management, warehousing and logistics. Linda’s specialties include business development, process improvement, and organizational excellence.

Jeff Kremer

Technical Support Manager, Journeyman Heavy Equipment Technician

Jeff brings a friendly demeanor, a never say no attitude, and a strong work ethic to the frontline at Adrenaline Diesel. Jeff's role is to provide technical information, troubleshooting help, and Estimates to our Dealers, Technicians, and Customers. He assists both our Sales and Service teams daily. Jeff has been a constant with our team since August 2015 and he brings more than 20 years of heavy duty experience with major dealerships.

Richard Lafond

Service Manager

Richard joined our team in mid-2023 as our newly appointed Service Manager. Richard has a wealth of experience in the industry having worked at a variety of Dealerships and small repair shops. Richard is not focused on meeting customer expectations, he is focused on exceeding them. He possesses a desire to succeed that translates to the work he performs each and every day. He works closely with his team to ensure that he can share accurate information with his customers each day.

Kathy McKeever

Office Manager

Kathy celebrated 10 years as the go-to person at Adrenaline Diesel in January 2022. Kathy is integral to the daily operations of our business. She manages the accounting: Accounts Payable, Receivable and Payroll. She administrates our Safety Program, Personnel Programs including benefits, and she manages our Outbound freight. If you are seeking to pay a bill, open a Credit account, or

Jaeda Mitchell

Parts Advisor, Journeyman Parts

Jaeda has more than 10 years of experience in heavy parts including both on and off-road diesel parts. Our diverse, unique, and custom approach to diesels involves every make, every model, and a lot of out of the box thinking. Even with high demands, short timelines, and high pressure situations, Jaeda's calm demeanor and work ethic gets the necessary results.

Dan Benscoter

Parts Specialist, Backcounter

Dan's knowledge of diesel parts was learned the old-school way - by playing with them. His resourcefulness, ability to speak the lingo, and his perseverance means he won't give up until you have what you need. We try to hide Dan away to aid our Techs, but we'll share if you ask nicely.

Ashlee Brookson-Opseth

Inside Sales Representative, Parts & Service

Ashlee is one of the newest members to Team Adrenaline. Her role is to facilitate the needs of our customers in a more efficient manner than a single outside rep can manage. From sourcing parts, quoting programs, to simply providing information, Ashlee is a valuable resource that each of our customers has access to.


Outside Sales Representative

We understand the benefit that having an outside contact can be. Whether it's keeping you informed of the new, the fabulous, or the challenging, or it's running out that hard-to-source part that your shop has been waiting for, those Reps can be a lot of help. Watch for the addition of an Outside Rep in the near future... we're fussy so we're waiting for the right one.

Our Technicians

Apprentices, Certified Journeyman H.E.T.'s & R.A.P. Student Techs

Our team of apprentices and HET's is comprised of a diverse, knowledgeable and hard working team that makes your results their #1 priority. We are pleased to support the Registered Apprentice Program to attract youth to our industry. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to learn more about our Technicians, or visit our VIP Customer lounge to see their bios on our big screen.

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Sourcing parts for complex jobs is our specialty. We always aim for the fastest turnaround possible.

Strive for perfection. Every. Single. Time.

We work hard to ensure our customers satisfaction comes first. We'll take the time explain, educate and give you the best experience possible, every time. To prove it, here's what some of our customers had to say about trusting Adrenaline Diesel:

"I have been doing business with Adrenaline Diesel since they opened their doors. Great team that is always eager to complete the job. Any issue I have had they quickly rectified the problem and have got me rolling."

Troy Yearley

Google Reviews5.0 Star Reviews

"I had some programming done by another shop that made my truck run terribly. I called up Marty at Adrenaline Diesel and he was more than accommodating. They got me in right away and solved my problems. I strongly suggest Adrenaline Diesel for your programming and mechanical needs."

Jesse Stoltz

Google Reviews5.0 Star Reviews

"Shout out to these diesel freaks‼️ I brought my custom Cat MXS to them in November. Unbeatable service and reliability 👍🏻"


Google Reviews5.0 Star Reviews
These guys are on top of it - great communication and a fair price. Thanks for your tenacity!
- Alberta Polylevel
The folks at Adrenaline Diesel are the only team I trust to work on my 2012 Kenworth. They are professional, friendly and their prices are reasonable too. Highly recommend.
- Denise Hindes
The guys at Adrenaline Diesel are the only ones I trust to work on my Sterling Acterra. They're extremely professional and friendly. Great prices too. Highly recommend
- Amanda Prosko
I highly recommend these guys, their customer service is outstanding! My truck gets about 300k kms a year so it’s gotta be reliable. I won’t go anywhere else when it comes to my engine & driveline, which is the heart of my trucking business! I run a Paccar MX13 and these guys really know how to make em purr.
- Al
This place has somthing that is incredibly hard to find. Honesty. The guys have no problem showing you whats wrong instead of just explaining it. They charge a fair price as well. Their hourly rate is high enough that they can keep the lights on and pay their employees and low enough that you wanna keep bringing your truck back. I will be coming back here as often as I can. These guys are a good asset to have in the industry especially if you own the truck. Their knowledge and honesty is better than most shops I've been too.
- Lawrence Goebel
Great service, just had a question and they got back to me very quickly and were professional and helpful. Thanks guys
- Harlan Schulze
Have been using Adrenaline Diesel for a few years now. They have supplied a great service and knowledgable staff to help out with any questions.
- Arliss Calvert
Yet again Adrenaline came through for me to supply a performance cam and replace cam bearings on a customers ISX CM2350, had my parts repaired and back to me within 12 hours! Can’t beat that! Thanks again to all the hard working folks at Adrenaline Diesel!
- John Moore
Marty and Jeff look after what we need at a fair price. No hassles, just honesty. A pleasure to deal with, will definitely recommend for engine work or anything else. We recently did an engine swap at Adrenaline. We are extremely pleased with the results. The downtime was minimal considering the current global climate we are currently living in. Also doing a swap at a million miles on the truck, unexpected problems and issues can arise. Marty, Jeff, & Wayne dealt with all those issues honestly with us, kept us informed and dealt with them in a timely manner. The cost was extremely fair. Even after when there was a few bugs and small leaks to repair after doing a swap like this, all they told us was to get it back to us and we'll look after it. There was no charge and they were a pleasure to deal with. We would highly recommend to anyone for any work you need done, but specifically if you are looking for engine work, tuning, mods, performance or a swap, go and see the experts at Adrenaline. Thanks for getting us back on the road guys.
- Alex Bolton
excellent service great tunes good pricing I recommend adrenaline running to all of my customers
- Clayton Clark