Smooth out suspension problems

Over time, the suspension on your heavy-duty commercial vehicle will experience gradual wear and tear due to the extreme forces and weight their subjected to on a daily basis. Because of this, it’s extremely important that you ensure your suspension is in good working order.

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Leaf and coil spring repair

Leaf and coil springs absorb the impact of rough roads. They are essential to the suspension systems of large commercial vehicles. But over time, shocks, bumps and potholes can impact their integrity and performance. 

Air spring repair 

Air springs combine the sturdiness of coil springs with the comfort of leaf springs. Over/under-inflation, and damage from road debris, can impact their performance over time. Regular maintenance and inspections are essential. 

We guarantee balance and comfort

Our expert technicians undo the damage heavy freights, debris, and time put on your suspension system with minimal downtime.

Bushing Repairs and Replacement

Has your heavy-duty commercial vehicle been more difficult to handle as of late? Maybe your steering feels oddly loose, or you’ve noticed some shaking and rattling? Chances are, you need new bushings! Bushings protect your suspension’s vital components by reducing the vibration they experience.

Torque Rods - Repair and Replacement

Heavy-duty commercial vehicles are subjected to extreme torque on a daily basis. Your torque rods are what prevent certain vital components from twisting under such significant stress. If you’ve experienced any swaying while driving, or notice any cracks or rust near the torque rod mounts, we highly recommend you come in for an inspection.

Shock Absorbers - Repair and Replacement

The shock absorbers on your heavy-duty commercial vehicle are what control the rebound and impact movement of your suspension. As your shocks are constantly in use when driving, it’s vital to maintain them on a routine basis or repair them when damaged.

Bearings - Repair and Replacement

Bearings allow for components to spin against one another with little to no friction. Common bearing types include trailer bearings and driveshaft bearings. When these bearings start to age, they may become loud and start producing significant heat. Maintaining them or replacing them entirely is of the utmost importance, for an unmaintained wheel bearing or trailer bearing could cause catastrophic damage.

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Contact us for professional truck suspension repair at our shop in Edmonton. Our skilled technicians are ready to provide top-notch service to keep your truck's suspension system in excellent condition. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment and ensure a smooth and safe ride for your vehicle.

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