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Mack Truck Repair in Edmonton

Mack trucks are well versed and equipped to provide for the extensive maneuverability and dependability requirements of commercial truck driving. Their solid, heavy-duty structure and compositions speak of their capability to endure the heaviest loads and the most brutal conditions on the road. 

Such an all-inclusive package makes them part of the leading manufacturers in the industry. They cater to a loyal fan base of drivers and industrialists and have only provided the best. 

Thus, one may only trust an equally comprehensive and quality repair service to deal with a malfunction. After a detailed diagnostic process, we daresay our wide range of maintenance options will suit you well. 

Common Problems that Lead to Breakdown

Engine and Battery

Almost all the reasons why a Mack truck may cease to function link to its nature of work. The most direct impact of this reaches the engine and battery, both of which are responsible for powering up the vehicle.

Generally, truck batteries can work well for 3-5 years. However, the violent outdoors and constantly fluctuating temperatures in different areas cause the batteries to work twice as much. Additionally, the batteries' electrical system may also often freeze up and cease to function. Either way, the problem calls for frequent maintenance and timely replacement of old batteries. 

In case the engine fails, you mostly have overheating to blame. This problem connects to issues in the cooling system such as air leaks, water contamination, problems in the fan, etc. Regardless, our HVAC inspection and services will help sort this issue out. 

Malfunctioned Brakes 

The most dangerous cause of a truck breakdown is when the issue lies in the brakes, creating room for accidents and damaging life and resources. The drum brakes and discs of a Mack truck constantly get the worst of friction and pressure, and this causes them to wear down or malfunction the systems connected to it. 

Damaged Tires

We all know that an underinflated tire can easily pose more damage than it appears. Unlike an automobile, a truck driver should always get this fixed by a professional. This is because a truck tire damage can root from more than one source. Inadequate installation procedures may also lead to incorrect tread depth or a misaligned axis. This further highlights the need for investing in a quality maintenance service. 

How Can We Help?

At Adrenaline Diesel, you will be presented with such an all-inclusive approach. From inspecting your battery life to replacing worn-out tires and installing new ones effectively, you can trust your Mack truck services with us. Apart from dealing with the major systems only, we look into fluid inspection, oil changes, filter replacement, DPF services, and much more. There is little that we cannot cater in terms of Mack truck repair. Adrenaline diesel offers extensive services for Mack Trucks, including:

• Tire quality control, substitute, and care 

• Air filter assessment and replacement 

• Fluid assessing and top-ups 

• Engine Repairs & Oil changes 

• Pulley inspection and replacement

While we are located in Edmonton, Alberta, we are equipped to deal with Mack trucks of all kinds, ages, and regions. We have the latest Mack truck technology in-store and will only ever provide you with the best.

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