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Edmonton's Trusted Diesel Shop

Adrenaline Diesel is proud to be Edmonton's trusted heavy truck repair shop for all highway vehicle services including transmission, suspension, electrical, heating/cooling, brakes, tires and more.

We have been in the Edmonton diesel repair business since the 1980s and currently have 6 Heavy Equipment Technician (HET) certified mechanics, 6 Apprentices, and 2 Registered Apprentice Program (RAP) students in our shop.

Why Choose Our Truck Repair Shop?

Our customers continue to choose Adrenaline Diesel for all of their heavy truck needs because we consistently provide the following:

√ Low Downtime & Fast Turnaround
√ Affordable diesel truck repair services
√ 35+ years of experience
√ Open on Saturdays
√ No hidden fees of charges
√ Guaranteed Quality Parts
√ Highly-rated customer reviews
√ 1-year warranty on labour and parts
√ Detailed explanation of work and invoicing

Select your service:

Commercial Vehicle Inspections

Stay compliant and drive with peace of mind

For over a decade, we here at Adrenaline Diesel have prioritized the safety of our customers and their vehicles above all else. Getting your commercial vehicle inspected is more than just a means of complying with Alberta’s CVIP, it’s a way to ensure you and your vehicle will be safe and operating at peak efficiency for years to come.

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Diesel problems? We're diagnostics experts.

Getting to the root of a problem requires systematic processes. Whether a complex electric issue or a simple fuse, we track our diagnostic processes and continually improve.

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Driveline issues? Our mechanics are driveline experts.

From general driveline service to catastrophic failure repairs, our Heavy Equipment Technician (HET) and Red Seals certified diesel mechanics are driveline experts.

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Electrical & Electronic Specialties

Avoid the shock of unexpected electrical problems

Electrical problems in your heavy-duty commercial vehicle can interrupt your work and lead to irreparable damage. Our electrical servicing and inspection process will get to the bottom of any and all complex electrical issues your truck may be experiencing.

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Engine Conversions

Swapping Or Converting? You've Come To The Right Place.

Adrenaline Diesel takes the mystery out of diesel conversions. If you're looking to reposer your rig from Cummins to CAT, Detroit to Cummins, or another diesel-to-diesel setup, you're in good hands.

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Engine Repair, Overhaul & Rebuild

Heavy Duty Engine Specialists

Every day that your truck is in the shop is a day that you aren’t on the road, making money. Adrenaline Diesel knows and understands the importance of getting repairs done quickly, correctly and affordably. No job is too big or too small for our experienced team.

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Exhaust Systems

We're Heavy Truck Exhaust Experts.

Exhaust issues can lead to a decrease in power, acceleration, and fuel economy. They'll often sound bad but their outcomes can be even worse. Be sure to have your exhaust serviced regularly to avoid potential problems.

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HVAC Systems

Don’t sweat issues with heating, cooling, and ventilation

Whether it’s the middle of summer or twenty below, your comfort in the cabin is the key to working your best. Our technicians make sure your heating, cooling, and ventilation are in top shape so that you can stay on the road whatever the weather.

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Routine maintenance today keeps the complete rebuild away.

Commercial vehicles have incredibly complex systems that will fail and break down if not properly maintained. Here at Adrenaline Diesel, we offer a full suite of maintenance services that are sure to keep your truck on the road for years to come.

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Smooth out suspension problems

Over time, the suspension on your heavy-duty commercial vehicle will experience gradual wear and tear due to the extreme forces and weight their subjected to on a daily basis. Because of this, it’s extremely important that you ensure your suspension is in good working order.

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Transmission & Clutch

Smoother shifting right at your fingertips

Your transmission is arguably the most important component in your heavy-duty commercial vehicle, for, without it, it would be impossible to move, not to mention haul or tow. Regardless of your transmission type, or its corresponding clutch, routine service and repair are of the utmost importance.

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