3 Things To Look For When Choosing A Truck Fleet Maintenance Service Provider

Semi truck in shop for fleet maintenance services

Proper fleet maintenance is critical to ensure the longevity of your company. The objectives of fleet management services are to keep your heavy-duty trucks on the road, cut down on running expenses, assist you in adhering to industry standards, and preserve the heavy-duty truck's resale value. Every business that uses commercial heavy-duty trucks is aware of the risks associated with ignoring fleet management, which is why, in 2020, 39.2 percent of non-privately owned commercial heavy-duty trucks were utilizing such systems. These systems enable businesses to provide data recording, communication, and heavy-duty truck tracking services. Their most important quality, however, is that it emphasizes the need for maintenance and repair services.

But how can a business locate top fleet maintenance specialists? To find out what to look for, continue reading.

1. Check what services are available 

Illuminated dashboard warning lights are among the unmistakable signals that your fleet requires repair. Brake problems, engine sounds, and poor performance are other warning indicators. Even oddly colored or heavy exhaust smoke may be seen.

Fleet maintenance services can be implemented to help identify and resolve these issues before they become more serious problems. So, what criteria should you use to choose a provider? Here are a few characteristics of the top services:

The best companies provide fleet heavy-duty truck maintenance checklists and conduct preventive maintenance services. This enables them to identify and address heavy-duty truck problems before they become major ones.

Experts in fleet maintenance also often provide complete, detailed collision repair services and have the knowledge and expertise to find and correct hidden issues.

2. Customizing heavy-duty trucks

Next, seek a service provider that offers heavy-duty truck customization since these changes increase the lifespan of the heavy-duty truck and also help make sure the vehicle will work for your fleet’s intended purpose.

There are many customizations that may be offered such as performance modifications,  truck body wraps or minor bodywork repairs.  Truck bodies may be modified and strengthened in order to safeguard suspension and tires. Adding amenities like a crane or liftgates might help your fleet transport more freight, and these adjustments can prevent additional maintenance problems from developing. Additionally, it ensures your fleet operates more effectively and with fewer failures.

3. Assistance with maintenance 

The service provider you choose should be able to develop a fleet maintenance program by assessing the unique needs of your business as well as the specific requirements of your vehicles and developing a custom strategy. This allows you to continue using some heavy-duty trucks while servicing others.

They will ensure none of your heavy-duty trucks are in the field when maintenance is required. Otherwise, there is a chance that defective components in your heavy-duty trucks may cause an accident.

Finally, the fleet maintenance company should work with you to develop maintenance regulations that will instruct your drivers to take care of the heavy-duty trucks. One of your rules, for instance, may be to regularly check the tire pressure. Additionally, a truck fleet maintenance service provider will help record and track daily pre-trip inspection logs and vehicle service history so you can rest assured that your fleet is getting the service it needs when it needs it. 

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