5 Indicators Your Heavy Duty Truck Needs Engine Repair

Semi truck in shop for engine repairs

Did you know that on an almost daily basis, a truck breaks down on the side of the road? Maintaining your truck's functionality so that you can go where you need to go requires diesel engine maintenance. How can you recognize when your large vehicle needs a diesel engine repair?

You may avoid the need for a diesel engine overhaul by recognizing the warning indications that indicate something is wrong with your engine. Learn the five warning indications that your diesel engine requires maintenance or repairs by reading on.

What Is an Overhaul of a Diesel Engine?

Although a diesel engine overhaul may be required for effective engine maintenance, it may seem scary. When an engine needs an overhaul, its components must be examined to determine which components need to be replaced for complete operation.

An engine overhaul often involves disassembling the engine and thoroughly cleaning each component before reassembling it. Any parts that seem to need replacement are exchanged with fresh ones.

When to Repair the Diesel Engine in a Heavy Truck

Diesel vehicles are no different from other engines in that they need regular maintenance to remain at peak performance. You can determine if you need heavy truck repair in Calgary, as well as other locations in Alberta and BC, by keeping a lookout for these five symptoms.

1. You have to deal with more oil waste 

Wasted oil and dirt, known as "oil sludge," are combined with the oil supply of your diesel engine and affect its thickness. Finding oil sludge indicates that some engine components need adequate lubrication. Your engine has to be maintained as soon as it's practical.

2. More oil is consumed

Excessive oil consumption is a bad indication for any engine. You should look into it if you discover your diesel engine is using more oil than usual. Overconsumption of oil is often caused by worn-out piston rings. Because the engine doesn't have enough lubrication, worn-out piston rings cause oil to flow into the crankcase, seriously harming the engine.

3. Increasing emissions of smoke

Given how much exhaust smoke diesel heavy trucks often create in comparison to other engines, it might be difficult to detect an increase in smoke. Your engine requires maintenance if you notice an increase in exhaust smoke.

It's an indication that your engine is burning oil if the smoke is blue. White exhaust smoke indicates that your engine is burning coolant in addition to diesel. Neglecting these symptoms might result in a costly diesel engine overhaul.

4. A knocking noise

Your engine making knocking sounds is never a good indication. It often indicates problems with compression in diesel engines. It could also indicate that your engine's wrist pin, bearings, or fuel injectors are malfunctioning. Delay in having this examined may result in unneeded damage and more time spent off the road.

5. Loss of Compression

Compression loss may be present if you find that the engine of your diesel vehicle isn't operating as well as it once did. This indicates that the cylinders in your engine are leaking. This has a significant effect on the amount of power your engine can generate. Getting a comprehensive diesel engine overhaul is the best approach to restoring your engine to 100% once it loses compression.

Need to repair your heavy truck’s diesel engine?

Maintaining the diesel engine in your vehicle is essential, particularly when transporting freight across the nation. Knowing the warning signals can help you plan diesel engine repair if anything goes wrong. Blue or white exhaust smoke, loss of compression, and loss of power are all telltale symptoms that your engine needs maintenance. Get in touch with the best truck repair shop out there, and you will be able to receive much-needed assistance with fixing what you drive. 

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