COVID-19 Protocol

Dear Clients,

COVID-19 We are open to serve you during the Pandemic

As of March 26, 2020 Adrenaline Diesel will be practicing a social distancing protocol for visiting customers, to minimize gathering in the waiting rooms due to recent COVID 19 concerns. We know that the backbone of our country is transportation and the heavy equipment industry, and we must keep this going!

If you plan on visiting our shop do not come if you are:

  • Showing symptoms of sickness (such as fever, cough sniffles etc)
  • Suspected of having contact with someone with COVID 19
  • Have traveled outside of Canada in the last 14 days
  • Are concerned about social contact

Please stay in your vehicle or truck parked in our parking lot and only come when your appointment is due, as we will not be offering seating in our waiting rooms, nor we will allow any persons that are not a customer with current work into our facilities.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in these trying times. Adrenaline Diesel looks forward to being with you even during this outbreak.