Freightliner Truck Repair: Signs Your Truck Needs Transmission Repair

Freightliner truck in shop for transmission repairs

Your Freightliner truck's gearbox is one of its most expensive and essential parts. The gearbox keeps you on the road and enables the engine to power your wheels. As a result, it might be rather concerning when you start experiencing transmission issues. Many individuals continue to drive despite warning indicators since gearbox repairs may be expensive.

If you neglect transmission issues for too long, your Freightliner truck can need a whole transmission replacement, which is far more costly than simple transmission repairs. Transmission problems will never go away on their own. So how can you know whether your gearbox is in excellent condition? Recognize these five typical transmission issues and take the necessary action to fix them!

- You detect leaks in the transmission fluid

Fluid leaks are a typical indicator of transmission damage, linked to issues like slippage and poor overall transmission function. Check to see if any fluid has gathered below your Freightliner truck. If you notice a leak and the fluid is brilliant red and mildly sweet-smelling, it is transmission fluid.

Fluid leaks are often not a big deal if caught in time; they can generally be fixed quickly by a professional, and after you top up your transmission fluid levels, your Freightliner truck should be ready to go. Have your Freightliner truck repaired as soon as you discover any fluids leaking from the chassis since failure to treat these fluid leaks might cause catastrophic transmission damage.

- The check engine light is visible

Contrary to popular belief, the "check engine" light is not intended to terrify you into seeing a repair. This light might come on as a result of many system errors, including worn-out air filters and transmission issues. 

Always pay attention to your check engine light. Take your Freightliner truck to a certified repair facility immediately to diagnose the error code to see what's wrong with your truck. You may purchase a code reader or scan equipment to make a home diagnosis if you don't want to take your truck to the shop. But unless you're a mechanic, you'll almost certainly need assistance from a professional to repair your Freightliner truck. As a result, we advise visiting your preferred local diesel repair facility.

- Rough transmission shifts

Your Freightliner truck should shift into the next gear smoothly and without much effort, without making any "clunking" or "thudding" sounds. When changing gears, you should be cautious if you hear these sounds. Low transmission fluid, worn-out gears, and digital sensors and solenoids that give your Freightliner truck's gearbox false information may all contribute to clanking.

When your Freightliner truck starts shifting jerkily, it might be impossible to diagnose the problem until you get it repaired, so make an appointment immediately.

- Slipping transmission

Gearbox sliding is quite typical and may be brought on by several transmission-related problems, such as low fluid levels, fluid leaks, worn-out gears, and solenoid failures. Fortunately, gearbox slippage is easy to identify, particularly in an automated Freightliner truck. Even if you maintain your current pace, your engine's pitch will immediately change, shifting from a low rumble to a high-pitched whine, and your RPMs will rise fast. This occurs when your gearbox sloppily downshifts.

However, if the gearbox upshifts slowly, you can notice that your Freightliner truck is underpowered and sluggish. There will be modest acceleration and less engine noise than usual. Slipping transmissions pose a risk because it puts people in danger or causes further harm to the transmission. If you are having issues with your Freightliner truck, have it checked out right immediately.

- Delay shifting gears

Does your Freightliner truck ever "hesitate" or "delay" when you try to put it in gear? The gearbox may take seconds to transition from reverse to drive when you're exiting a parking lot. Even when you push the pedal, the gearbox is not engaged. Therefore it takes a while for power to reach the wheels.

This is often an indication of a clutch problem. The clutch controls gear changing in Freightliner trucks, both manual and automatic. If a defective clutch is ignored, it may lead to poor transmission performance and significant damage to your gearbox or Freightliner truck's flywheel. Get your Freightliner truck evaluated immediately if you notice a noticeable delay in gear shifting.

You could find that the gearbox won't shift into gear in certain circumstances. It's crucial to keep this in mind. Check the transmission fluid level if the Freightliner truck won't change after you've moved the stick and engaged the clutch. Additionally, make sure you're using the proper fluid brand and thickness. 

Remove the battery for 30 minutes if the fluid has previously been checked to reset the Freightliner truck's computer. The machine ought to restart itself when you reconnect the battery. Give the process plenty of time to reset; it might take up to 30 minutes. If none of these approaches work, it's time to bring it to repair service. 

Final words 

You could have to spend a significant repair charge if you disregard the gearbox issues with your Freightliner truck. Take your Freightliner truck to a reputable Freightliner truck repair shop if you think your gearbox is acting up. Your Freightliner truck will be examined by qualified professionals, who will also provide you with all the information you need to have it fixed and back on the road as quickly as possible.

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