Kenworth Truck Engine Repair Warnings and Indicators – Guide

Kenworth truck engine warning lights

Dashboard warning lights, often known as vehicle warning indicators, maybe a Kenworth truck owner's worst nightmare. These signals, which range from the dreaded check engine light to the low tire pressure warning, indicate that something is wrong with your Kenworth truck. Although many of us are familiar with the appearance of each light, we may not be aware of what produces them or, more significantly, what we should do next.

This article delves into some of the most frequent Kenworth truck warning lights and offers advice on what to do if they show on your dashboard. The following are five of the most regularly visible warning lights:

Check engine light

The check engine light, also known as emissions control or the malfunction indication lamp (MIL), is simple to see since it resembles a motor. This warning light may indicate a variety of issues, including a misfiring engine, a faulty sensor, or even something as basic as a gas cap that isn't completely screwed on.

In general, this is a warning light that has received information from a sensor connected to your vehicle's ECM and is an urgent indication that your engine should be inspected as soon as possible. It is best to take your truck to a specialized diesel repair shop since its technicians are usually well-versed in the Kenworth trucks they offer.

Engine oil level

This dashboard warning light resembles a lamp with a leaking drop of oil. Unlike the previous sign, this warning light illuminates for just two reasons. One, you have an oil leak and are running short on fuel as a result. Two, an oil change is long overdue on your Kenworth truck.

Check your oil levels if this light comes on. If your oil level is low, you have two options: add additional oil yourself or make an appointment to have your oil changed and your vehicle examined for leaks.

Tire pressure

Your truck’s Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS) light is extremely important to pay attention to. The exclamation mark within this sign tells it all since defective tires cause many accidents and deaths each year. The most typical cause for the TPMS light to illuminate is when one of your tires' pressure has gone below the acceptable level.

Checking the air pressure on your tires is a solid rule of thumb. In order to inflate tires, most service stations include air pumps. Take your Kenworth truck to a service facility or your diesel repair shop if you don't feel comfortable monitoring the tire pressure or putting air in your tires. If you find this light is illuminating frequently, you should get your tires inspected for leaks. 

Battery light

A rectangular box with a + and – serves as a battery light indicator. The Battery dashboard warning light indicates that your vehicle's charging mechanism is malfunctioning. There's no reason to be concerned if you notice this light on startup because it rapidly fades away.

If the warning sign remains on, your battery, alternator, or voltage system may be malfunctioning. Many drivers don't pay attention to this dashboard light, but they should! Many electrical functions, including engine control, headlights, and ignition, need a connection to the battery. You're in luck if the light is on and your Kenworth truck is still running.

If your battery light indicator stays illuminated after starting your vehicle, you should visit a professional before the Kenworth truck no longer starts and you require a tow.

Electronic stability programme light 

The electronic Stability Warning Light (ESP) is meant to prevent a Kenworth truck from skidding. If this light illuminates and remains on, it indicates a problem with the vehicle's stability control system. During slick road conditions, this light often flashes. If the light continues to glow, you should get it examined to ensure that it isn't broken.

Final words 

If you notice one of the dashboard warning lights listed above, you should get your Kenworth truck inspected. Your best option is to have a trustworthy diesel technician check it. It's important to remember that early prevention may save you a lot of money in the long run.

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