Parts Shortages?

Heavy duty truck parts

The diesel industry is currently facing massive parts shortages causing long back-orders to standard parts. Many OEM manufacturers are struggling to source raw materials and labour. Others are facing labour strikes and plant closures while others have not increased production to meet demand.

There has never been a better time to consider aftermarket parts. Whether you are seeking an alternative to OEM, are looking for better availability, want to review quality options, need to lower costs, or you just don't have time to find what you need, our dedicated parts department can help.

A lack of parts supply also means greater down time, longer wait times, increased costs, and reduced revenue flow to the industry's operators. This could be disastrous to our small entrepreneur's that operate only a couple of units. One way to counteract those detriments would be the consideration of upgraded, performance parts. Performance parts are designed to provide increased longevity, reduced maintenance, and prolonged operations.

A third option, depending on the type of component, the unit specifics, the required repair and the overall state of the truck is used and remanufactured parts. Remanufactured parts provide the same quality as the original at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you are having difficulties sourcing your parts, have run out of time to do it yourself, or you just don't know what your options are, our dedicated teams within our Parts and Sales departments can help! They have over $1M of inventory on hand, are knowledgeable in OEM, Aftermarket, Performance, Used and Reman options, and can get to work finding what you need.

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