The Peterbilt Model 579 - Is It The New Benchmark for 2023?

Peterbilt Model 579

If you work in the trucking industry, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Peterbilt trucks. You’ve likely heard of the new Peterbilt Model 579, too. Are you curious about this new model and what separates it from other trucks on the market? If so, this guide will answer all your most pressing questions. Find out everything you need to know about the Peterbilt 579 below.

Peterbilt 579 Basics

Peterbilt claims that the Model 579 sets a new standard for “technology, fuel efficiency, and driver comfort.” Here are some basic characteristics that set it apart from other models:

Aerodynamics and Fuel Efficiency

In its description of the new Model 579, Peterbilt notes that it provides drivers with the “most advanced aerodynamic features.” The hood, bumper, and air dam are specifically designed to maximize fuel efficiency.

Digital Dash

The new model features a 15-inch digital display — the largest in the industry. Drivers of all ages will find it easy to use and enjoy its customizable gauges and intelligent gauge monitoring features.

Lane Keeping Assist

The truck’s lane-keeping assist feature is protected from the elements and ensures drivers stay in their lane, increasing safety for everyone on the road.

PACCAR Powertrain

The PACCAR Powertrain offers an integrated solution for maximizing miles and payload capacity. All components work together seamlessly, including the PACCAR MX engine, 12-speed automated transition, and 40k tandem axle.

Interior Comfort

The interior offers 8 feet of headroom, 70 square feet of storage, and the industry’s largest mattress.

Exterior Features

The new Model 579 offers many exciting features that help it stand out from other trucks, including the following:

A-Pillar Fairing

The A-pillar fairing directs airflow around the windshield. It improves aerodynamics and reduces noise.

New Hoods

The new hood is narrower and has a lower crown height. It’s made of lightweight, durable material.

LED Headlights

LED headlights increase nighttime visibility and driver safety. They feature infrared heaters to keep the lenses clear, too.

3-Function LED Lights

The bumper contains three-function LED lights. These lights assist with driving in fog, illuminate the turn signal, and complement the truck’s high beams.


Multi-piece bumpers allow for damage isolation and lower replacement costs. They’re also available in four finishes.

Air Dam

The air dam improves aerodynamics and also ensures the truck maintains ground clearance.

Wheel Well Closeouts

Wheel well closeouts are available with low-profile and 11R22.5 tires. They offer improved durability and more accessible service.

Ground Skirt

Ground skirts are designed to maximize the truck’s aerodynamics. 

Tandem Axle Fairings and Wheel Covers

Tandem axle fairings and wheel covers reduce drag. They can easily withstand debris on the road as well. 

Chassis Fairings

The tip-out chassis fairings provide easy access to the chassis. They also allow for complete, tool-free removal.


Advanced mirrors enhance visibility, and sculpted mirror heads and arms improve aerodynamics. 

Cab Features

In addition to exterior upgrades, the Peterbilt 579 offers a variety of interior cab features that maximize driver comfort. Here are some of the most noteworthy ones:

Steering Wheel and Controls

The Peterbilt 579 features a new steering wheel design with easily accessible controls, improving ergonomics for the driver.

Digital Display

The digital display is the largest in the industry at 15 inches. It provides drivers with all the information they need to stay safe and properly maintain their vehicles. 

Interior Colors

The new model is highly customizable. Drivers can choose from a variety of interior colours, including a dark upper dash to reduce glare.

SmartNAV Updates

The SmartNAV infotainment system includes GPS navigation, a built-in Bluetooth microphone, vehicle monitoring, and camera integration. 

Telematics Connections

Two standard RP1226 connectors are located behind the dash. These connectors allow for third-party access to in-vehicle data. They offer multiple connection locations and pass-through options to work with any configuration.


The switches in the Peterbilt 579 are now easier to reach. They allow for better icon visibility and operation.  

Power Ports

Drivers have access to two 12-volt power ports and optional USB ports. 

Cup Holders

The new cupholder has been redesigned to accommodate large cups and prevent tipping. There are no moving parts, either. 


The Peterbilt 579 cab offers more storage than any other truck. It includes a C-panel cubby and an optional B-panel storage compartment.

All these features are within easy reach of the driver for added convenience, too. 

What Are People Saying About the 579?

It’s great to know about the Model 579’s features and specs. However, what do real truck drivers have to say about it? Below are some noteworthy reviews to keep in mind:

Jack Roberts,

Roberts describes the New Model 579 as not being “designed” but rather “sculpted into being.” He calls it “modern” and “aerodynamic” but notes that it also has “enough retro design cues to appeal to long-nose-loving gear-jammers.”

Kevin Jones,

In his review, Jones praised the truck’s innovative cruise feature, saying that it offers “flawless” lane keeping. He also noted that drivers could enjoy an expanded view of the road because of the truck’s lower nose. Jones also noted that his first ride in the New Model 579 was not too different from his drive in a regular SUV. He explained that everything worked perfectly, and the experience was smooth from start to finish.

Is the Peterbilt 579 Right for You?

What do you think now that you know more about the Peterbilt 579? Is it the new benchmark in heavy-duty trucks? This new model offers numerous features, both exterior and interior, that separate it from other trucks on the road. If you’re interested in a sleek, comfortable, and smooth driving experience, you can’t go wrong with the New Model 579. Whether you’re interested in the Peterbilt 579 or any other model, Adrenaline Diesel can help you find the right fit. Browse our truck inventory today to find the best right vehicle for your needs.

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