Top Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck Engine Conversion Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Heavy-duty diesel truck in for engine conversion service

Modifying the engine of a heavy-duty vehicle can be a complex task. The most common types of engine repairs for heavy-duty truck owners include replacing the engine, converting it to a different type, and exchanging it for another engine. A heavy-duty repair shop can assist with all of these options. In this post, we will delve deeper into the specific procedures involved in each type of engine conversion.

What is an engine swap? 

Some of the most common engine modifications for heavy-duty vehicles are heavy-duty engine swaps. Depending on your demands, these engine swaps might help you in a number of ways. Benefits of an engine swap for certain individuals may include increased horsepower, torque, towing capability, fuel efficiency, and other factors. When someone wishes to increase their vehicle's power over stock while still having the capacity to haul greater loads at higher speeds, one of the most popular engine swaps occurs.

All required components, such as electrical harnesses and air intakes, must also work with the new intended vehicle in order for the engine swap to be successful.

What is an engine conversion? 

When an owner totally replaces their old engine with a new one, this is known as an engine conversion. This kind of engine change often takes place when someone wishes to increase the vehicle's power beyond what it already has, for as by boosting horsepower or torque. Most customers choose this over engine repair since heavy-duty vehicles are used in a vast array of industries, yet are often manufactured with standard engines. 

An engine conversion can have a number of benefits for truck owners and operators, including:

  • Increase a truck's total hauling capability: Heavy-duty engines are designed to handle heavy loads and towing capacity. With a heavy-duty engine conversion, a truck's hauling capability is increased, allowing it to carry more weight and tow larger trailers. This can be especially beneficial for trucking companies or individuals who frequently haul heavy loads.
  • Increase fuel efficiency: When you replace your engine with a more powerful, durable and task-specific heavy-duty engine you will be able to increase fuel efficiency, which can save truck owners and operators money in the long run.
  • Improve performance: With a heavy-duty engine conversion, a truck will have more horsepower and torque, which can lead to improved acceleration and overall performance. This can be particularly beneficial for truck drivers who frequently drive on highways or in mountainous areas.
  • Extend engine life: With a heavy-duty engine conversion, a truck's engine will be able to withstand more wear and tear, resulting in a longer lifespan. This can save truck owners and operators money in the long run, as they will not have to replace the engine as often.

Engine replacement 

When an engine is replaced, it usually only refers to replacing individual engine components while maintaining the same engine. This can include changing anything within your engine block or cylinder head, including pistons, valves, bearings, and other components. Because the engine isn't being totally replaced with a new one, it is frequently referred to as a "top-end rebuild." Our specialists often change engines, so they have years of expertise with the repair procedure and will always do an excellent job on yours. A heavy-duty engine replacement has a number of advantages and benefits, some of which are:

  • Increased Performance: Heavy-duty engine replacements typically offer improved power and torque, which can result in better overall performance for heavy-duty vehicles allowing for more efficient hauling and towing capabilities, as well as a smoother and more reliable ride. 
  • Enhanced Durability: Engine replacement typically introduces stronger components and higher-grade materials that are able to withstand more wear and tear. This results in a longer lifespan for the engine, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements.
  • Lower Operating Costs: The enhanced durability of replaced components in a heavy-duty engine means that there is less need for frequent repairs and replacements, which can help to lower operating costs.

What typical problems might heavy-duty engine replacements encounter?

Engine conversions provide numerous benefits, but depending on your demands, there may also be some drawbacks. Finding replacement components for older engine types is one of the main problems with engine replacements. It might be a total waste of time and money to try an engine switch but be unable to locate the necessary replacement components. Engine corrosion, as we like to call it, is another problem that commonly occurs while completing engine replacements. 

It is not uncommon to discover engine damage as a result of engine corrosion when your engine is removed and disassembled in the process of engine replacement. This occurs as a result of debris and moisture building up within your engine.

Incorrect parts being installed in an engine block or cylinder head during the repair procedure is one of the most frequent errors individuals make while replacing engines. Before allowing anybody to operate on your vehicle, it's crucial to have all engine components compared to your present engine type to avoid harm in the future. 

Poor construction is another problem with heavy-duty engine replacements. Sometimes engine technicians don't spend enough time replacing your engine properly or leave damage from an earlier engine repair behind.

Final words

It is important to be aware of the common mistakes that can occur when converting a heavy-duty diesel truck engine. These mistakes can range from improper installation to not considering the vehicle's specific needs and capabilities. By paying attention to these potential mistakes, you can ensure that your engine conversion is done correctly and your truck runs efficiently.

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